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support center

Before contacting our support team, we encourage you to read the help file supplied with the product or its FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered. Also visit our website at and install updates as they are released. This may solve some problems.

You can submit your support request by using one of the links listed below. We kindly request you not submit duplicate support tickets. One message is enough: we value every customer and reply to every query. We will reply as soon as possible to all questions in the order they are received. Usually, it takes one or few business days to answer a question.

Questions about pre-sales support, bulk orders

If you have pre-sales questions about our products, or would like to order an unlimited number of licenses for SmartPrintLab software, please submit support request here. Please, keep in mind, all our orders are processed by PayProGlobal - the leading software registration and order-taking company.

Questions about orders, payment, delivery

If you have questions about orders, payments, delivery or if you have already ordered the software and would like to view data relating to your order, please visit our Customer Care Center.

Questions about lost keys, registration, product updates

If you have lost your key, have problem with registration, or want to update your product version, please submit support request here and do not forget to send us the details of your order.

Technical questions about using our products, bugs, etc

If you encounter problems while working with our products, please explain the problem you are having. Be as descriptive as possible, including steps to reproduce the problem. Don't forget to give us examples of how to reproduce it. We may need to contact you for further information or if we have troubles reproducing the problem.

Please include also the following information in the message:

  • The version of Windows installed on your computer.
  • The name and the version of our product (see the "About" dialog box).
  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • A description of your computer system (RAM, CPU type, performance rate, etc.).

Please submit support request here with abovementioned info.

New ideas, suggestions

If you would like to suggest us new ideas for our products, please submit support request here here.