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"Thanks for the beautiful poster making software. Did not find worthy analogues."
Lois B. Kunkel
Fort Wayne, USA
"Your poster software program is very nice. It is easy to use and of very good value. I have used it for the past few months."
William L. Nicholson
London, United Kingdom

what is a poster printer?

Print Large-format Posters and Banners-Easy Peasy!

The SmartPrintLab Poster Printer takes the worry out of printing large-format posters, banners, and signs for your home or office. Use the printer you've got now to make your own custom-sized poster. No need for expensive complicated software; no need to spring for plotters or large-format printers. How? Simple. Poster maker works by taking that huge picture and breaking it into sizes that will print with your current printer. It's like magic: Poster creator splits up the picture, then enables you to redo it as a big-sized print.

Create Giant Posters Without Hassle

Some of you love Corel and Photoshop...but unfortunately some of you don't. If you hate having to learn new software just to make a giant poster, SmartPrintLab software is your solution. A custom-size print is just a few clicks away: choose the photo or picture, choose your dimensions, and choose your printer. From that point, it's all done for new software headaches, no expensive hardware upgrades. Print the job, and make your own great-looking poster. The only "hardware" you'll need might be paper, scissors, and a glue bottle!

Print Graphics for different tasks

We know you can't wait to print-all kinds of stuff. What have you got? Poster Printer can handle it: from your treasured photos or pictures to Microsoft Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint slides. Pick up image files from your hard drive or paste graphics from the clipboard. And we haven't even scratched the surface with what Poster Printer can do as far as digital photography, cameras, and scanners are concerned.

Got a small business? Large billboards are within your reach; take your advertising sheets to new heights. Giant maps will bring customers right to the door, and colourful signs, posters, and banners will have them doing a double take. No matter what the nature of your business is, its large print capacity comes through. Whether you're looking for stencils for stitchery or tables, diagrams, design schemes, and big CAD drawings for engineering projects-or anything in- between-give poster software a try and you'll be hooked.

...Meanwhile, Back at Home...

If you've loved huge murals in other people's apartments, guess what? With poster making software program you can have one of your very own...or even create unique and very special photo wallpaper. What's your pleasure? Use a family photo-regular or digital-or express your artistic impulses, then start printing. Once you begin designing your own posters and creating customised wall coverings...your friends will think you went to decorating school. No one needs to know that "school" was courtesy of SmartPrintLab!

What You Get with SmartPrintLab Poster Printer

  • Graphics, large- or small-scale, on regular paper
  • Automatic "splits" for large images
  • Large-size poster printing, can be customised to as large as 10 x 10 m
  • Bilinear, Bicubic, Hermite, and Lanczos sampling
  • Flexible formats-.bmp, .gif, .jpg, png, .tiff, .wmf, and .emf
  • Scanners and digital cameras support
  • Partial poster printing
  • Poster size templates
  • Metric and Imperial measurements (mm, cm, inch)
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Amazing skins

What You Need to Print Your Posters and Banners

  • Your ordinary printer - uses US Letter or DIN A5, A4, or A3 paper. Supported printers: HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother and others.
  • Or a large plotter - uses DIN A2, A1, or A0 paper.
  • Windows PC, Pentium III 1500 processor and 512 Mb RAM memory, minimum. SmartPrintLab poster creation software program is compatible with 32- or 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.